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KgpgInterface Class Reference

#include <kgpginterface.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This class is the interface for gpg.

Definition at line 38 of file kgpginterface.h.

Public Slots

void addPhoto (const QString &keyid, const QString &imagepath)
void addUid (const QString &keyid, const QString &name, const QString &email, const QString &comment)
void changeDisable (const QString &keyid, const bool &ison)
void changePass (const QString &keyid)
void changeTrust (const QString &keyid, const KgpgCore::KgpgKeyOwnerTrust &keytrust)
void decryptFile (const KUrl &src, const KUrl &dest, const QStringList &Options=QStringList())
void decryptText (const QString &text, const QStringList &options=QStringList())
void deletePhoto (const QString &keyid, const QString &uid)
void downloadKeys (const QStringList &keys, const QString &keyserver, const bool &refresh, const QString &proxy="")
void downloadKeysAbort ()
void encryptFile (const QStringList &encryptkeys, const KUrl &srcurl, const KUrl &desturl, const QStringList &options=QStringList(), const bool &symetrical=false)
void encryptText (const QString &text, const QStringList &userids, const QStringList &options=QStringList())
void generateKey (const QString &keyname, const QString &keyemail, const QString &keycomment, const KgpgCore::KgpgKeyAlgo &keyalgo, const uint &keysize, const uint &keyexp, const uint &keyexpnumber)
QString getKeys (const bool &block=false, const QString *attributes=NULL, const QStringList &ids=QStringList())
void importKey (const QString &keystr)
void importKey (const KUrl &url)
void keyExpire (const QString &keyid, const QDate &date)
void KgpgDecryptFileToText (const KUrl &srcUrl, const QStringList &Options)
void KgpgDelSignature (const QString &keyID, const QString &uid, QString signKeyID)
void KgpgRevokeKey (const QString &keyID, const QString &revokeUrl, const int reason, const QString &description)
void KgpgSignFile (const QString &keyID, const KUrl &srcUrl, const QStringList &Options=QStringList())
void KgpgVerifyFile (const KUrl &sigUrl, const KUrl &srcUrl=KUrl())
QPixmap loadPhoto (const QString &keyid, const QString &uid, const bool &block=false)
KgpgCore::KgpgKeyList readJoinedKeys (const KgpgCore::KgpgKeyTrust &trust, const QStringList &ids=QStringList())
KgpgCore::KgpgKeyList readPublicKeys (const bool &block, const QString &ids, const bool &withsigs=false)
KgpgCore::KgpgKeyList readPublicKeys (const bool &block=false, const QStringList &ids=QStringList(), const bool &withsigs=false)
KgpgCore::KgpgKeyList readSecretKeys (const QStringList &ids=QStringList())
void revokeover (GPGProc *)
void revokeprocess (GPGProc *p)
void signKey (const QString &keyid, const QString &signkeyid, const bool &local, const int &checking, const bool &terminal=false)
void signText (const QString &text, const QString &userid, const QStringList &options)
void uploadKeys (const QStringList &keys, const QString &keyserver, const QString &attributes, const QString &proxy="")
void uploadKeysAbort ()
void verifyText (const QString &text)


void addPhotoFinished (int, KgpgInterface *)
void addUidFinished (int, KgpgInterface *)
void badpassphrase (bool)
void changeDisableFinished (KgpgInterface *, int res)
void changePassFinished (int, KgpgInterface *)
void changeTrustFinished (KgpgInterface *)
void decryptFileFinished (int, KgpgInterface *)
void decryptFileStarted (KUrl url)
void deletePhotoFinished (int, KgpgInterface *)
void delsigfinished (bool)
void downloadKeysAborted (KgpgInterface *)
void downloadKeysFinished (QList< int >, QStringList, bool, QString, KgpgInterface *)
void errorMessage (const QString &, KgpgInterface *)
void fileEncryptionFinished (KUrl, KgpgInterface *)
void generateKeyFinished (int, KgpgInterface *, QString, QString, QString, QString)
void generateKeyStarted (KgpgInterface *)
void getKeysFinished (QString, KgpgInterface *)
void getKeysStarted (KgpgInterface *)
void importKeyFinished (QStringList)
void importKeyOrphaned ()
void keyExpireFinished (int, KgpgInterface *)
void loadPhotoFinished (QPixmap, KgpgInterface *)
void processaborted (bool)
void processstarted (QString)
void readPublicKeysFinished (KgpgCore::KgpgKeyList, KgpgInterface *)
void revokecertificate (QString)
void revokeurl (QString)
void signfinished ()
void signKeyFinished (int, const QString &, KgpgInterface *)
void txtDecryptionFailed (QString, KgpgInterface *)
void txtDecryptionFinished (QString, KgpgInterface *)
void txtDecryptionStarted ()
void txtEncryptionFinished (QString, KgpgInterface *)
void txtEncryptionStarted ()
void txtSigningFailed (QString, KgpgInterface *)
void txtSigningFinished (QString, KgpgInterface *)
void txtSigningStarted ()
void txtVerifyFinished (QString, QString, KgpgInterface *)
void txtVerifyMissingSignature (QString, KgpgInterface *)
void txtVerifyStarted ()
void uploadKeysAborted (KgpgInterface *)
void uploadKeysFinished (QString, KgpgInterface *)
void verifyfinished ()
void verifyquerykey (QString ID)

Public Member Functions

 KgpgInterface ()

Static Public Member Functions

static QString checkForUtf8 (QString txt)
static QString checkForUtf8bis (QString txt)
static void delGpgGroup (const QString &name, const QString &configfile)
static bool getGpgBoolSetting (const QString &name, const QString &configfile)
static QStringList getGpgGroupNames (const QString &configfile)
static QStringList getGpgGroupSetting (const QString &name, const QString &configfile)
static QString getGpgSetting (QString name, const QString &configfile)
static int gpgVersion ()
static void setGpgBoolSetting (const QString &name, const bool &enable, const QString &url)
static void setGpgGroupSetting (const QString &name, const QStringList &values, const QString &configfile)
static void setGpgSetting (const QString &name, const QString &value, const QString &url)

Private Slots

void addPhotoFin (K3Process *p)
void addPhotoProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void addUidFin (K3Process *p)
void addUidProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void changeDisableFin (int res)
void changePassFin ()
void changePassProcess ()
void changeTrustFin ()
void changeTrustProcess ()
void decryptFileFin (K3Process *p)
void decryptFileProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void decryptTextFin (K3Process *p)
void decryptTextStdErr (K3Process *, char *data, int)
void decryptTextStdOut (K3Process *p, char *data, int)
void deletePhotoFin (K3Process *p)
void deletePhotoProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void delsignover (K3Process *p)
void delsigprocess (K3ProcIO *p)
void downloadKeysFin (K3Process *p)
void downloadKeysProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void encryptTextFin (K3Process *p)
void encryptTextProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void fileEncryptFin (K3Process *p)
void fileReadEncProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void findSigns (const QString &keyID, const QStringList &ids, const QString &uid, QList< int > *res)
void generateKeyFin (K3Process *p)
void generateKeyProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void getKeysFin (K3Process *p)
void getKeysProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void importKeyFinished (K3Process *p)
void importKeyProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void importURLover (K3Process *p)
void keyExpireFin ()
void keyExpireProcess ()
void loadPhotoFin (K3Process *p, const bool &block=false)
void readprocess (K3ProcIO *p)
void readPublicKeysFin (GPGProc *p, const bool &block=false)
void readPublicKeysProcess (GPGProc *p)
void readSecretKeysProcess (GPGProc *p)
void readsignprocess (K3ProcIO *p)
void signfin (K3Process *p)
void signKeyFin ()
void signKeyOpenConsole ()
void signKeyProcess ()
void signTextFin (K3Process *p)
void signTextProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void uploadKeysFin (K3Process *p)
void uploadKeysProcess (K3ProcIO *p)
void verifyfin (K3Process *p)
void verifyTextFin (K3Process *)
void verifyTextProcess (K3ProcIO *p)

Private Member Functions

int sendPassphrase (const QString &text, KProcess *process, const bool isnew=true)
int sendPassphrase (const QString &text, K3ProcIO *process, const bool isnew=true)
void updateIDs (QString txt)

Static Private Member Functions

static K3ProcIO * gpgProc (const int &statusfd=-1, const int &cmdfd=-1)

Private Attributes

bool addSuccess
bool anonymous
bool badmdc
bool badpassword
QString certificateUrl
QString cycle
bool decfinished
bool decok
KUrl decryptFileUrl
QString decryptUrl
bool deleteSuccess
bool delSuccess
KProcess * editprocess
bool encok
int expirationDelay
int expSuccess
KUrl file
QString gpgOutput
QString log
int m_checking
QString m_downloadkeys
QString m_downloadkeys_log
K3ProcIO * m_downloadprocess
bool m_ispartial
KgpgCore::KgpgKeyAlgo m_keyalgo
QString m_keycomment
QString m_keyemail
uint m_keyexp
uint m_keyexpnumber
QString m_keyid
QString m_keyname
uint m_keysize
QString m_keystring
KTemporaryFile * m_kgpginfotmp
bool m_local
QString m_newfingerprint
QString m_newkeyid
int m_numberid
QString m_partialline
QPixmap m_pixmap
KgpgCore::KgpgKey m_publickey
KgpgCore::KgpgKeyList m_publiclistkeys
QByteArray m_readin
bool m_secretactivate
KgpgCore::KgpgKey m_secretkey
KgpgCore::KgpgKeyList m_secretlistkeys
QString m_signkey
int m_success
QString m_tempkeyfile
int m_textlength
int m_trustvalue
QString m_uploadkeys_log
K3ProcIO * m_uploadprocess
KProcess * m_workProcess
QString message
QString output
int photoCount
QString photoUrl
QString revokeDescription
int revokeReason
bool revokeSuccess
int signb
QString signID
bool signmiss
int sigsearch
KUrl sourceFile
int step
QString tmp_message
QString uidComment
QString uidEmail
QString uidName
QString userIDs

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